Look Hot with Clip in Feather Extensions

Feather Extensions are fast becoming the latest hot new trend in hair accessories, you may have noticed celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Hillary Duff sporting this latest craze.

It is no surprise that the everyday consumer has now embraced this latest craze because Clip in Feather Extensions are a simple way to energize and add color to your everyday hair.

You can be as bold or conservative as you like, opting for only a few feathers or adding as many feathers and colors as your heart desires.

So what are Feather Extensions?

Clip in Feather ExtensionsFeather Clip in Extensions are colorful feather extensions that can be added to your own hair, they work much the same as Clip In Hair Extensions but they are feathers. The attractive thing about Clip in Feather Extensions is, there is no chemical process involved and no long term commitment, they simply just clip-in under your own hair. You can attach the extensions in just 10 minutes and take them out in 5 minutes.

How are Feather Extensions attached?

Feather Extensions are effortless to install, they can be worn 2 different ways:

The feathers can be attached to a headband and simply worn that way
Clip in Extensions are attached by small metal snap clips that are already attached to the extensions. The extensions are then clipped to a small layer of your own hair so that the clip is completely covered. They work well on any length hair, and give old hair new excitement.

What are Feather Extensions made of?

Real Feather Extensions are mainly made from rooster feathers, but peacock feathers are also very popular due to their amazing colors, pheasant feather are also used.

The extensions usually come in sets, for example 3,6,or 9 feathers and you can choose from a variety of colors or styles. How much you pay for extensions can vary due to quality, and if you prefer synthetic or real feathers.

You may expect to pay, approximate only:

Synthetic Feather Clip in Extensions per set $10 – $30
High Quality Real Clip in Feather Extensions per set $100 – $200

How long do Feather Extensions last?

If you take good care of your feather extensions, they will last for maybe 6-12 months, this can vary due to quality and how often you wear them. It is better not to wet the feathers as they are fragile, the extensions will last a lot longer if kept dry. If you follow the care instructions on the packet, then you should have no problems, and if you do have problems then go back to the supplier or manufacturer.

Do Clip in Feather Extensions come in a variety of styles and colors?

Feather Clip in ExtensionsYes, they come in all lengths and a huge variety of colors, they look good in any hair, any color and any length.

Where can I buy Feather Hair Extensions?

You can buy Feather Extensions on-line, there are several really good web-sites that offer a great range of products. You can also purchase them from beauty salons, or hair accessory retail shops. The best idea is to shop around and see what is available, you can check the on-line shops feedback and make an informed decision from there.

So who are wearing Feather extensions?

Anybody and Everybody!!

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, may have started the trend but now people of all ages are wearing Feather Clip in Extensions. Feather extensions add extra color and flair to your hair, and can be worn every day, or for special occasions such as parties and weddings. Yes, brides are also using feathers as their hair pieces instead of traditional veils or clipping them in their own hair for something a little different.

There are some great deals on Amazon for Clip In Feather Extensions, check them out below:


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Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions – An Exclusive Review

Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions

Lord and Cliff Hair ExtensionsI have long been fascinated with the look of hair extensions on my favorite celebrities, but having seen some of the results people in my city get when buying extensions for their own personal use, I have pretty much steered clear of them myself.

So when I noticed a dear friend sporting far longer locks than she could possibly have grown in the four days since we last saw one another, my curiosity was piqued.

The reason for her new look? Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions.

The result?

Absolutely stunning and perfectly natural looking hair. If I hadn’t just seen her days before, I would have staked money that her hair was natural. And technically, I was still correct.

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Lord and Cliff Clip In Hair Extensions

Lord and Cliff Clip In Hair Extensions Provide Remarkable Versatility

Lord and Cliff Clip in Hair Extensions

Your hair is in many ways a prime accessory when you are looking to spend a day out with friends or a night out on the town. You style your hair very much depending on your destination and the theme


of the event, whether it is a business dinner or an evening of dancing.

With Lord and Cliff Clip in Hair Extensions, you can make the most of this unique “accessory”. These great products offer you the ability to make your hairstyle as versatile as your many interests.


What’s Unique About Lord and Cliff Clip In Hair Extensions?


One thing that sets Lord and Cliff clip extensions with human hair apart is that they are comprised of 100% Remy hair. This is a definite rarity in the world of extensions.

Remy hair is hair that still has the cuticle layer attached, which means that all of the hair flows in a single natural direction.

Remy hair is not only more attractive and easier to style, but it lasts considerably longer, holds a greater shine, and is far less prone to tangling. If you want a look that is truly natural, Remy hair is certainly something to consider.

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Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions – An Introduction

Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions

Lord and Cliff Hair ExtensionsHair extensions have long been trendy and fashionable in Hollywood, and they are quite in vogue throughout the nation and even the world today.

Of course, not all products are created equal, which is something that is well recognized by the makers of Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions.

Lord and Cliff beauty products are designed with quality and appearance in mind, and they can provide a natural, beautiful look that will complement your personal style and appearance.


What Sets Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions Apart?

When you take a product such as Lord and Cliff hair pieces into consideration, it is easy to see that they stand out from competitive products fairly easily.

Lord & Cliff human hair extensions are made of 100% human hair that is designed to go in a single direction for a completely natural and attractive look.

The company has worked hard to become synonymous with quality, and consumers the world over have found these products to be the ideal way to create a look that is as versatile as they are. These extensions are a great way to increase the volume of thinning hair or even to give short haired-women the look of natural, flowing longer hair.

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What is all the fuss about Remi Human Hair Extensions?

If you are serious about getting Human Hair Extensions then be sure to look for first class, high quality extensions made from Indian Remy Hair.

So why all the fuss about Remi Hair Hair Extensions?

Remi Hair Extensions are creating a huge buzz in the world of  Human Hair Extensions. And for good reason. You can now almost instantly, have long voluptuous hair that looks completely natural.

What is Remi Hair?

Remi Hair is made from the highest quality human hair, it is also referred to as virgin hair or raw hair. When I first started researching hair extensions for my web-site the name Remi Hair kept popping up everywhere, I thought, what is Remi Hair and why is it considered the best type of hair for extensions? Well, the simple answer is, it has not been chemically treated at all.

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The Latest Celebrity Long Hair Extension Trends

Are you envious of your favorite celebrities luscious, full hair??

How many times do you browse the glossy magazines in the supermarket or waiting room to see what the celebrities are wearing and wonder how they get such beautiful hair.

Celebrities setting the Long Hair Extensions Trends

Long Hair Extension TrendsCelebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus, are leading the way when it comes to Celebrity Long Hair Extension Trends.  They all have long, thick gorgeous hair, all are wearing long hair extensions to add length and volume to their own hair.

If you want to know what the latest Long Hair Extension Trends are, then celebrity hairstyles are an excellent place to look. Celebrities are on the cutting-edge of what’s new and trendy in the fashion and beauty industry. They are privileged to have access to the best professional stylists in the business.

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Wavy Clip in Hair Extensions

Straight, wavy or curly, adding layers can give your hair length, texture and add volume. Wavy Clip in Hair Extensions are the latest popular trend in Hair Extensions.

Wavy or Straight

The fantastic thing about Wavy Clip in Hair Extensions is you can choose to purchase extensions that are already naturally wavy or you can purchase straight extensions and wave or curl them yourself.

This means you can either wear your extensions straight or when you feel like a change curl them for a whole new look.

If you choose to curl your own Clip in Extensions, I find it easier to curl or wave the extensions prior to attaching.  Clip the extensions onto a coat hanger and spray with heat protection, then using your preferred curling tool, curl or lightly wave the extensions, just like you would, your own hair.

The curl will hold a lot longer than your own hair so Wavy Clip in Hair Extensions are perfect for a wedding or special occasion.

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My Perfect Wedding Day Hair Style

The Wedding Day

On the 29th October 2010 I married my best friend, the one that makes me feel, loved, protected, unique and beautiful.

We were married on a Friday in the magnificent gardens at the Narmbool Estate, an old homestead, about 30 minutes south of  Ballarat, Victoria.  I woke up to a perfect spring day of sunshine which set the mood for the whole day, heavy rain was forecast earlier in the week , but the sun god had blessed us, and the rain stayed away until early the next morning.

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Celebrity Hair Extensions

Who put the X Factor in Hair eXtensions…Celebrities Did…

The celebrity factor is what has made the popularity of hair extensions explode over the last 5 years.  Women of all ages all over the world cannot get enough of the glossy magazine covers with famous actresses having long, beautiful natural looking hair.  You find yourself collecting these pictures and begin to think that maybe you could get the same look for that special occasion.

Celebrity Hair Extensions were once thought of as a rich person’s service, a luxury that only celebrities like Katie Holmes can afford, the fantastic news is, hair extensions have become much more affordable.  Because of the expanding popularity of  the hair extension industry,  it is now practical for everyday consumers to wear extensions.

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Hair Extensions Cost

What do Hair Extensions Cost?

So you have decided to invest in Long Hair Extensions, now the big question is, what do Hair Extensions Cost??

The cost of hair extensions can vary depending on what type of  hair extension you get, how they are attached, how many extensions are required, the length etc.

Lets look at some important information you need to consider and what questions you should be asking before you make your final decision.

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